Weddings before change


The usual dilemma.


It's difficult to find THE wedding photographer.

No - not ANY photographer, that's easier than ever before.

In this day and age everyone's got a camera. But a camera... it's just a tool - what you're going to do with it, what is your vision, how to stream emotions through your lens - those questions we ought to answer.


Weddings are both similar and very unique. The idea is always the same, the process vastly different. I'm not talking about all the formalities, I'm talking about how people experience it and let that flow through them for others to see. For the majority of people that is once in a lifetime event... and the majority of people do not remember it very well. That might seem strange but it's really not. Emotions and excitement make this day fly, only very special moments stay in your memory.

The photographs are the best investment that will be enjoyed by many people for years to come. They will bring memories and emotions for you, your family, your kids and theirs kids.

I'd like to introduce you to my idea of wedding photography.

You need to know that I do not do quick 2 hours stunts, paid on the wedding day, photo disc on the next day. I take pride in taking care of people that trusted me to do the photography of their wedding. That requires time - to get to know you, to be on the day since early hours until guests are leaving, to carefully retouch the photos and design the album. There's a lot of background work that gets done without you even knowing about it - like backup of all you photos so that simple fault of memory card won't wipe all the beautiful moments forever. It's all designed with quality and reliability in mind so you're getting the best possible.

I am the problem solver. Weddings are very individual, unexpected things happen, weather changes, things get delayed etc. These are small obstacles and they will not affect capturing so many beautiful moments during your wedding day.

There's something more - I do not only photograph weddings - and that's a good thing. For the most part I'm interested in any type of photography that involves people. As I stay with all of my customers in friendly relationship for many years later - I like to offer them something special. Below the form you can have a look at example photo/video project I made for a client and her 8 months old daughter Julia. Obviously the choice is yours, I like to get creative and think of special and fun projects but if what you want is simple family portrait that's perfectly fine. All my customers get a special prices on the following photoshoots.

My package comes with a beautiful album. I understand people have different taste and budgets, therefore you can fully customize all the aspects according to your wishes. I'll do the work, you choose your favourite photos, size, type of cover and I'll design an amazing story of your wedding you'll enjoy for years.

There is a lot more, if you're thinking of choosing me as your photographer please fill the form below to contact me and get the full details of the package and my prices.

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Your wedding date, location, any questions...

Meet Julia - 8 months old and still no points on driving licence!

My goal is always to capture emotions in form of a story. Here's some more examples of my work.