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Getting inspiration...

Yes, it is a tough one...

Any creative soul - and by that I mean people that from time to time stumble upon that internal desire to create something artsy - will have trouble pinpointing what exactly is that thing they want to create. I mean you have that general idea, that fuzzy silhouette of the subject and yet when you're trying to actually create  it simply - does not come to you.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that it happens to me exactly the same way like it happens to most of us. Yet, there are tricks :)

One of the good ones (or at least what works for me) is get focused . That is actually great trick for anything you want or have to do and just can't get to it. So how do we get focused? The simple and powerful explanation comes from one of the famous and controversial human beings that sadly isn't with us anymore. The man who gave us iMacs/Pods/Phones/Pads/etc - Steve Jobs - shortly after becoming CEO of Apple and terminating few running projects to bring the company back to its greatness said:

Focus is about saying NO

And if you think about it - in this day and age that is exactly what happens. We have so many distractions, so much information is flowing around that it's really, really hard to focus on one thing. On a small scale you may have your phone doing DING when you get new email or your cat jumping on your keyboard. On a large scale you may have 5 different projects to do or family meeting to plan out. Saying NO  became extremely important. It may be

- NO, I'm not doing that at all

- NO, I'm not thinking about it until next Friday

- NO, I will not check Facebook or pick up my phone for the next 3 hours

What I like to do is to simply put my headphones on (with noise cancelling), play some inspirational music that isn't distracting and at the same time separates me from all the noise outside that is trying to get into my world.


There is also wonderful video on creativity by John Cleese which I think needs no introduction - if you're not working on anything important now and have 40 minutes spare time I would strongly recommend. Just remember:

Creativity is not a talent, it's a way of operating.